Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Most recent hair styles #1...low manipulation

I'm back to show some of the styles I have been wearing lately. These are my "protective" styles since they are low on manipulation. One of my favorite go to hair styles is flexi rod sets. These can be done at anytime throughout a transition period. Just starting or months in. The only difference I have seen from when I first started and now (@ 8 months) is that it seems to be getting fuller and bigger as I go. This is something that I love because one thing that I want from my natural hair is for it to big and full. *crosses fingers* after wearing it down for a few days I usually take some hair from the front to make a hump and pull the rest into a banana clip. The curls usually look better and less fizziness. After wearing that style for a few days it's usually time for a wash but if I don't have time or haven't been at least a week I just style the front and put a beanie or scarf on the back. An alternative to wearing a beanie/scarf is to just put your hair into a bun and tucking the ends. Then it should be wash day again!!! A flexi rod set usually last md at least a week...sometimes I may be able to get a week in a half to two weeks of wear out of it. Attached are pictures of my flexi rod set down then pinned in a bun. I will be doing another post on another low manipulation/protective style shortly.
Until next time,
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  1. Very nice! Thanks for the info chica!

  2. I need to dust off my flexi-rods and use it more often. Love the style..
    - discoveringnatural.blogspot.com