Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Most recent hair styles #1...low manipulation

I'm back to show some of the styles I have been wearing lately. These are my "protective" styles since they are low on manipulation. One of my favorite go to hair styles is flexi rod sets. These can be done at anytime throughout a transition period. Just starting or months in. The only difference I have seen from when I first started and now (@ 8 months) is that it seems to be getting fuller and bigger as I go. This is something that I love because one thing that I want from my natural hair is for it to big and full. *crosses fingers* after wearing it down for a few days I usually take some hair from the front to make a hump and pull the rest into a banana clip. The curls usually look better and less fizziness. After wearing that style for a few days it's usually time for a wash but if I don't have time or haven't been at least a week I just style the front and put a beanie or scarf on the back. An alternative to wearing a beanie/scarf is to just put your hair into a bun and tucking the ends. Then it should be wash day again!!! A flexi rod set usually last md at least a week...sometimes I may be able to get a week in a half to two weeks of wear out of it. Attached are pictures of my flexi rod set down then pinned in a bun. I will be doing another post on another low manipulation/protective style shortly.
Until next time,
Live, Laugh, Love, and stay Fabulous

Thursday, January 5, 2012

8 months post relaxer....retaining moisture

So this is my 8th month of transitioning and it seems to be the toughest month so far. It has been taking me a little more time to detangled and styling my hair. I have been having some growth. I haven't measured my hair recently but it is noticeable. I believe my growth has slowed from the beginning of my transition which is why I have decided to do more protective styles and moisturizing my hair daily. I was trying to not wet it as much as I was in the summer. The styles that I have been doing lately is mainly flexi rod sets and semi-mini twist. Both styles can be very time consuming but each last me for at least a week. Another thing I have started to help with moisture and growth is bagging. This consist of me putting my deep conditioner in my hair with some oils (usually pure olive. I put all my hair in a plastic shower cap and sleep with this overnight. I will be posting pictures of my most recent hairstyles including the steps I take and products I use in a later post.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Simple hairstyles for transitioners...

I have been transitioning for about 3 months and I have been wearing simple styles.  I will post some pictures
of some of the styles that i have worn.  These will include twist outs, braid outs, and straw sets. At the end I will include pictures of ways that I make these styles stretch so I would not have to manipulate my hair too often.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.  I will be doing tutorials on how to do these styles. After some practice many have started to have better results.  If there are particular styles that anyone want a tutorial on, feel free to comment or send a message telling me which one. Hope you enjoy the pictures. 

Live, Laugh, Love, and Stay Fabulous!
flat twist out

twist out with top pinned up

back view of twist out (all down)

braid out

old twist out w/ knit hat

front twisted w/ old twist out in knit hat

took straws out and left in locks w/ knit hat before separating curls

another view of un-done straw set

Friday, August 19, 2011

Co-wash and detangling

This is the first video I am doing.  It consists of me doing a cowash on my hair.  Again I am 3 months into my transition.  I started out by wetting it, and putting conditioner in it while I detangle.  Hope this helps anyone that is having troubles with tangling while washing out previous styles.  Enjoy!

Live, Laugh, Love, and Stay Fabulous

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Post- a little about myself

Hello Ladies,
This is my first post. So I decided to tell a little about myself. I am currently transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. My last relaxer was May 2011. Not sure of the exact day, but it was right before I graduated from college (May 14,2011).  My 3 month mark was this previous weekend.  I have been seeing nice growth.  From what I have read hair grows about 1/2 inch a month.  I have only measured mine once, last month. Measurements: 2inches in the front, 2 1/2 inches on sides and back.  I started out doing braid outs and twist outs.  Found that I was probably wasn't the best idea since I had to retwist/rebraid every night.  For the past few weeks I have been trying to do some protective styling.  I plan on posting EVERYTHING concerning transitioning to natural hair.  Please feel free to give suggestions on topics for future post.  I am extremely excited about this and hope you join me on this journey. 

Live, Laugh, Love, and Stay FABULOUS